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UTS Basketball 2020Welcome

UTS Ross Milbourne Sports Hall
Team Fee - $900 (Returning teams - $800)
10 Weeks
Mens Division
Timeslots - 6:20PM/7:10PM/8:00PM/8:50PM

(Commences October 7th)


Rules are as per FIBA standards

2 x 20 Minute Halves (running clock)

1 x Timeout Per Half 

Clock will stop (final minute) on all of referees whistles.

If games are tied at full time, two (2) minutes of extra time will be played
(1 additional timeout will be recieved)
Two (2) minutes of extra time is played until there is a win/lose result.

Teams must have jerseys by ROUND 3 

Please email if you would like jerseys for your team 
($240 - 8 Stock Reversible Numbered Jerseys)

$5 fines apply after round 3 if your team does not have similiar colour jerseys.